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Colour: Green, the colour of money or Lolly Lilac.

What is your favourite colour? I have a dear friend who’s favourite colour is Green, the colour of money, not because its the colour of money but because she has green eyes. I love colours I make in a water jar when mixing paints in readiness to paint with my daughter.

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Cyclone Debbie April fool prank on my beautiful Bethania 

1st April 2017

Flooded suburb of Bethania Queensland Australia. South East Qld.

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How to be a 2017 Fashion Revolutionary in 10 simple steps

Are you a fashion revolutionary, what is that I hear most of you say……. and while I ask you this question…….. ‘have you even heard of this movement?’ comes to my mind.

I am kind a guessing not as many people have of heard of this international movement, Fashion Revolution as I would like.


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Breast Feeding, Hand made by me

After having my daughter I went through the roller coaster ride of learning how to breast feed my new born baby. It was tough, it was my choice as my husband wanted to bottle feed her but another factor in the mix was I personally hate washing up dishes and figured if I could give my daughter breast milk it would be suitable for her and I, free milk bar with no washing up, win win.

Everyone is different, this isn’t a preach, far from it. This is my story about the aftermath of finally getting her to latch then realising the crap breast feeding pads on the market.

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Selling Houses Australia TV series 



Inherited Queenslander Selling Houses Australia Series 5 Supplier List
from Selling Houses Australia

The Porcelain Tree is a new Australian eco friendly brand. Using recycled, reused and up cycled ideals, items are transformed and changed to enhance one’s lifestyle.
The Porcelain Tree allowed Shaynna to hire the following pieces to create a more traditional “old world” style in the interior:

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Sandal making Workshop

Learn how to make your own sandals in this no sew workshop, all we need is your foot size. So much fun. Have your group gathering min number of 6 people or come to one of my classes. Held at the Ormeau Community Centre. A modern centre close to motorway, walking distance shops and free parking.

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