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Relaxing Sunday Soak with 5 ingredients

Enjoying your Sunday couldn’t get any better than finishing it off with a warm to hot soak in the bath. Relaxing Sunday Soak with 5 ingredients.

These days there are so many things online you may access with …. how to make this or mix that.

BUT this is the bomb, the best and you more than likely have most of these 5 ingredients in your pantry or bath room cupboard anyway.

Sunday Soak 5

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Cyclone Debbie April fool prank on my beautiful Bethania 

1st April 2017

Flooded suburb of Bethania Queensland Australia. South East Qld.

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How to be a 2017 Fashion Revolutionary in 10 simple steps

Are you a fashion revolutionary, what is that I hear most of you say……. and while I ask you this question…….. ‘have you even heard of this movement?’ comes to my mind.

I am kind a guessing not as many people have of heard of this international movement, Fashion Revolution as I would like.


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Day at the office

Ever had one of those days where you wake dreading what’s ahead but never really sure why. That was my day today.

Because of this and because of that I have pushed through it and it put a fire in my belly to get my blog off the ground.

This little person, like any mummy is my focus and the reason why I want to work part time and from home. I’m lucky enough to have built a career up and have a fantastic support team at home.

I just need to say….. things don’t get given to us on a silver platter, we need to work hard to prove our worth.