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3 best reason to do my Ballet Shoe Making Workshop

3 Best reason to do my ballet shoe making workshop

  1. First reason is YOU learn to make your own shoes, to be fair I didn’t think it would be possible to do this, by alas yes it is true. I just need more time to spend making instead of working,…. shhhh don’t tell anyone I said that.
  2. The second reason is WHAT you learn to do with a little bit of leather, glue and other bits n pieces is super FUN, yes F U N….. trust me its definitely way more fun than working haahaa.
  3. and the third reason is HOW you learn is not using expensive machinery but using your own hands and learned skill. I won’t tell a lie, its not super easy but it is super rewarding.

Ballet Shoe Making Workshop

Check out the photos below of one of my past workshop


So, want to know more about this, well the next workshop is coming soon,


Ballet Shoe Making Workshop

Ballet Shoe Making Workshop, hand made by you and for you.

2 days
Saturday 12th 10am to 4pm
Sunday 13th 10am to 4pm
$395 (full price)
Early bird discount if booked and paid for until July 31st AEST.
Tickets for sale via Eventbrite
Includes use of all equipment and 1 pair of shoe making materials and your tutorial.
Take home your own shoes.
Minimum numbers required for course to run, and confirmation will be 4 days prior.
Full payment required upfront to secure your spot, purchase early and save money whoo hoo.
Have your own group gathering with min number of 6 people (group discounts do apply) or come to one of my classes.

Held at the Ormeau Community Centre. A modern centre close to the M1 motorway, walking distance shops, tea / coffee provided and free parking. Seriously what more could you want…

When you decide to learn this fun skill you will need to email through your contact details to

Your contact details required (phone number, address and email).

A starter pack will be sent to you upon receipt of payment. You will trace your foot size as I need this prior to starting the workshop to ensure I have shoe last ready to go in your foot size.

3 Best reason to do my ballet shoe making workshop, do come have a go and you will walk away appreciating the art of shoe making.




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Colour: Green, the colour of money or Lolly Lilac.

What is your favourite colour? I have a dear friend who’s favourite colour is Green, the colour of money, not because its the colour of money but because she has green eyes. I love colours I make in a water jar when mixing paints in readiness to paint with my daughter.

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How to be a 2017 Fashion Revolutionary in 10 simple steps

Are you a fashion revolutionary, what is that I hear most of you say……. and while I ask you this question…….. ‘have you even heard of this movement?’ comes to my mind.

I am kind a guessing not as many people have of heard of this international movement, Fashion Revolution as I would like.


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Breast Feeding, Hand made by me

After having my daughter I went through the roller coaster ride of learning how to breast feed my new born baby. It was tough, it was my choice as my husband wanted to bottle feed her but another factor in the mix was I personally hate washing up dishes and figured if I could give my daughter breast milk it would be suitable for her and I, free milk bar with no washing up, win win.

Everyone is different, this isn’t a preach, far from it. This is my story about the aftermath of finally getting her to latch then realising the crap breast feeding pads on the market.

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The Scarf Project

For a few years I’ve been thinking about a project that I needed to tick off my sewing bucket list, scarf tops / dresses. Living in the world of fashion for over 20 years and working in Australia and London in some amazing businesses, the simplicity and beauty caught my eye. Then my universe aligned…..

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