Hi there, thanks for visiting my life, my blog….

This blog was set up after I decided to shut down my shopping cart website, which by the way took a lot of time to keep going, time I just didn’t have & more time then I anticipated. I was still learning then how all this tech stuff worked. …. Had a break from it for about 6 months then got onto #blogsquad by Kate McKibben and realised my old website was my blog, but I had picked the wrong platform.

So here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

A bit about me,

I’m Nicole McNiven Corr, a 40 something wife, mother of a 3 year old girl, daughter and sister, I am all these things in equal measures, because they are all important me.

At the moment my real job is as a Fashion Lecturer at a privately run college in Queensland Australia. They have 3 campuses and I have taught at all three for various subjects. I do love this job, its challenging, rewarding and it has allowed me to not live the 9-5.

Lets start at the beginning, I have lived and breathed fashion for over 20 years in Australia and internationally in London, Hong Kong, China, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Lyon.

Instead of cutting and pasting my CV on here I am just going to keep it short…..

Designer of textiles for 4 years (loved this globe trotting glamour job) and designed my own label (on the side which I loved too), all of which allowed me to travel the world in my 20’s.

Met my husband at a wedding and followed him to London in my 30’s and worked for some amazing companies there (Ted Baker for one, amazing company, the best) which also gave the golden ticket to travel for work.

After we got hitched, I wanted a baby & my family needed me (well that’s what I told myself) so we decided to move back to Australia and I was blessed with a beautiful little girl. So back to the story where I teach people about fashion now in my 40’s.

So there you are, a very brief ‘about’ me, check out my LinkedIn in for my full resume.

I now make shoes and conduct workshops for others to learn to make their own. If you fancy learning this amazingly fun activity check out my workshops.

Thanks for stopping by, Would love to hear from you with any feedback, join my email list for newsletters and challengers.

Nicole x


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