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Relaxing Sunday Soak with 5 ingredients

Enjoying your Sunday couldn’t get any better than finishing it off with a warm to hot soak in the bath. Relaxing Sunday Soak with 5 ingredients.

These days there are so many things online you may access with …. how to make this or mix that.

BUT this is the bomb, the best and you more than likely have most of these 5 ingredients in your pantry or bath room cupboard anyway.

Sunday Soak 5


Sunday Soak


3 types of powdering powders that smell great and make you feel amazing.

2 types of Essential Oil




3 things only



Once you have gone through the method in our attachment, give it a whiff before you pour into a glass jar. Get your bath ready and wham bam thank you mam, you may start Relaxing in our Sunday Soak with only 5 Ingredients.

Sunday soak 1 Sunday soak 2Sunday soak 3 Sunday soak 4

This super easy Sunday Soak How too is only $5, Click on this link and we will express it to your inbox faster than you can turn your bath on for tonights soak.

Give us feedback below and I only wish this was smellovision. mmmmmm

Relaxing Sunday Soak with 5 Ingredients doesn’t get any easier than this.



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