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Colour: Green, the colour of money or Lolly Lilac.

What is your favourite colour? I have a dear friend who’s favourite colour is Green, the colour of money, not because its the colour of money but because she has green eyes. I love colours I make in a water jar when mixing paints in readiness to paint with my daughter.

Do you love colour?

Do you love to paint?

Do you feel you get comfort from some of the colours you prepare from your primary colours, fascinate them by mixing with white, black or grey to create a tint, shade or tone of that colour.

Recently I attended a Colour Society seminar in Brisbane and found myself at ease,…. finally,…  in a sense that I felt comfortable in my own skin for the love of colour I have secretly had for a very long time.

In high school colour was important to me and probably many other teenagers as it meant we probably got the first input into the colour of our room or the clothes we choose to buy and wear.

After I finished study at college I landed a pretty amazing job as a textile designer… prior to this amazing job, I work for several fashion businesses, where, again colour was a predominant factor of the day to day running. Thinking back to those day now, I didn’t think twice about it. Re-merchandising racks in the fashion agency to suit brands requirements or the up coming season, restocking shelves with flat pack stock in colours and sizes, then dressing in the current styles and colours.

Another job I had before this amazing job, which was also pretty cool, was at Triumph International (think bras and knickers) and I had the dream job, fabric librarian. How cool is that. I learnt all about lace, I learnt all about lab matching and colour matching and how all these different fibres, fabrics, plastic and metal components needed to be dyed the same colour for the sample if made in the Head Office. Scientific and a little bit nerdy.

Colour Colour Colour

I was happy. ….

Ok so back to this amazing job as a textile designer, I researched colour trends, researched who was wearing what colours and where they were wearing them. I became a bit of dictionary of my own world of colour. We sold to Swim, lingerie and active wear to designers and manufacturers all over the world. In most cases colour was not much different around the world, as they mostly copied the forecasting information or travel (which by the way is another story for another blog post).

One colour stood out to be the most trend orientated and seasonal. That colour was green, the colour of money. Every year it changed and every year we had to make sure that we were NOT stuck with any of the yarn. Green, the colour of money, is a highly regarded colour and one that every year makes a huge impact on fashion, interior and artists work.

But is the one colour that is so very much based on the directional mind of its target market.

Think about it,….. just some the greens out there:

Arm green, camo or camouflage?

Khaki green, is that the same as above of just slightly different….?

Kelly Green, surf green or palm tree green?

Greenery by Pantone?

Mint green, children’s green or greens that pop against other fresh colours.

sustainable lover, tree hugger, tea drinker (Twinning’s Afternoon tea, strong, white with one if your making) shoe maker and fashion misfit

Some of the best colours are found in the water jar, do you agree? What is your favourite colour? Do you like or love green, the colour of money? would love to hear back from you.


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