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Breast Feeding, Hand made by me

After having my daughter I went through the roller coaster ride of learning how to breast feed my new born baby. It was tough, it was my choice as my husband wanted to bottle feed her but another factor in the mix was I personally hate washing up dishes and figured if I could give my daughter breast milk it would be suitable for her and I, free milk bar with no washing up, win win.

Everyone is different, this isn’t a preach, far from it. This is my story about the aftermath of finally getting her to latch then realising the crap breast feeding pads on the market.

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It took me a little while to realise that I was never going to find the holy grail of breast feeding pads. I tried the cheap and very expensive options of disposable ones. I purchased a set of very thick cotton ones made from a thick pile fabric. I still wasn’t happy as the fear of mastitis was rearing its head at times.

So, I sat and thought, I had a lot of sitting and thinking while breast feeding.

Which fibres absorb moisture the best, which fabric construction absorbs moisture the most successfully and what shape is the most suited to the boob….. I came up with Cotton and Linen, both of which I had a stash of, woven and cone inspired circle in a couple of sizes.

I made myself about 20 pairs and then kept making them. These were machine washable and travel friendly. When one was soaked I popped another clean dry one in.

These are my design, the construction & layering of the fibres / fabrics is also my idea, please bare in mind I worked as a textile designer for 4 years looking into moisture management and now I teach students about fibres. If I am lucky enough to have another baby then I am all set to get these rocking.

If you have any queries or questions please let me know. I make to order


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